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Market Report South Africa – Photovoltaics: Focus on self-consumption. (PDF)

Publication Date: 09/2014
Format: Chart-Berichtsband

Continuing economic growth in South Africa, increasing electricity supply shortages due to the need to maintain outdated fossil fuel power stations, government-mandated electricity price increases of 8 % a year from 2015 to 2018, and a CO2 tax to be levied from 2016 are the main drivers of growth in the photovoltaics market. This market growth is being driven by private, commercial and industrial customers as well as energy suppliers. The Market report South Africa – Photovoltaics analyses business opportunities arising through these developments for German PV companies. According to government reports, South Africa has been experiencing an energy crisis since 2008 due to recurrent shortages in electricity supply (black-outs). The country loses 5 to 7 % of its GDP every year through its inadequate supply of electricity. The expansion of electricity supply is therefore a state priority. According to the strategy laid out in the Integrated Ressource Plan (IRP), 9.4 GW of solar energy capacity (PV: 8.4 GW, CSP: 1 GW) should be installed in South Africa by 2030. The PV development goal was even increased in November 2013 to 9.3 GW. The South African on-grid PV sector began developing with the launch of calls for tender for large PV systems as part of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP). However, sales for PV systems for self-consumption for private and commercial customers are also rising. Based on these two market drivers, German companies can expect further growth in the South African PV market in the near future. In general, South African business partners hold German products in high regard, and their technical know-how in implementing projects means that German companies will continue to enjoy good market opportunities in future. The Market report South Africa – Photovoltaics allows the reader to get an in-depth knowledge of the supply and demand side as well as all factors influencing the South African PV market. dena regional- and technical experts have analysed current and future market potential and verified outcomes by means of interviews with local market experts. All information regarding legal frameworks for market entry has been compiled by legal experts with local expertise in order to be able to provide practical advice and warn against obstacles. The support and finance mechanisms from supranational to national providers and offers also include extra tips from experts, including a risk analysis. The hands-on design of the market report makes it easy to use in practice. An interactive navigation menu, interactive cross-references and hyperlinked content allow important external documents to be quickly and easily retrieved.

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