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dena ANALYSIS: Artificial Intelligence – from Hype to Reality for the Energy Industry

Publication Date: 8/2020
Format: DIN A4

Looking at artificial intelligence as hyped technology no longer seems to be appropriate - it has already penetrated most sectors as a key technology. Especially in the energy sector the high efficiency potential of AI has been very well received - much faster than expected. In order to do justice to the high potential of AI at the integrated energy transition and to set the course for its diffusion into further parts of the energy system, dena’s new analysis “Artificial Intelligence - from Hype to Reality in the Energy Industry” aims to classify the most promising fields of application for AI in the energy industry according to technical, economic, regulatory and social aspects and to carry out an initial assessment. Building on this, the current report examines the opportunities and challenges of the individual fields of application and classifies the derived recommendations for action according to their complexity and their potential contribution to the energy transition. This creates a basis for the strategy development of this technology, which is important for the future energy system, for decision-makers from the energy and digital economy as well as for research and politics.

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