MAP: Higher funding for heating modernisation with renewables

From 1 April, companies as well as house owners can benefit from increased funding through the Market Incentive Programme (MAP)

Effective immediately, more funding will be available from the Market Incentive Programme (MAP) for heating from renewable energy sources. “We recommend that house owners think about modernising their heating system now with renewable energy sources. Solar thermal systems, wood pellet heating systems or heat pumps enable them to reduce their heating costs in the long term,” says Christian Stolte, Head of the Energy-Efficient Buildings Division at the Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency.

The amount of the subsidies differs based on the size and type of the systems. In addition to this, there are bonuses for particularly efficient systems or combinations of various technologies. The funding increases by up to 50 percent for heating systems in KfW Efficient Houses 55. The bonus for measures optimising heating is new. Up to ten percent of the investment costs will be reimbursed for this.

The funding conditions in the MAP in detail:

Funding for solar thermal systems
A 12 square metre solar thermal system delivering energy for heating and hot water is eligible for government subsidies of up to at least € 2,000. Funding for solar thermal systems for heating water only has been re-introduced: With collector surface areas of at least three to max. ten square metres, the government will contribute € 500, and € 50 per square metre for up to 40 square metres. Innovative systems with a large collector surface area will be subsidised with € 100 per square metre. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) provides additional support for efficient system combinations. Anyone replacing their old boiler with a new oil or gas-fired condensing boiler receives a bonus of € 500. If house owners install a pellet heating system or heat pump eligible for subsidies as a heating system, they receive an additional bonus of € 500.

Funding for wood-fired heating systems
For pellet boilers, the funding will be raised from the current level of € 2,400 to € 3,000. For pellet boilers with condensing systems, at least € 4,500 will be paid. The government will subsidise the installation of a new wood pellet boiler with buffer storage tanks with at least € 3,500, and at least € 5,250 for condensing boiler technology. Pellet furnaces with water pockets will be eligible for subsidies of at least € 2,000. If the biomass systems are combined with a solar collector system or an efficient heat pump, or if the boiler is connected to a heating network, an additional € 500 is offered.

Funding for heat pumps
The technology used is the determining factor for heat pump subsidies. Geothermal pumps are eligible for subsidies of at least € 4,000. Installation of an air heating pump is subsidised with at least € 1,300. The government also funds combinations with other modern heating systems and optimisation measures for heat pumps. There is a bonus for systems with load management capabilities.

MAP subsidies for companies
The Market Incentive Programme is also open to companies to an increasing extent. Effective immediately, major corporations can apply for subsidies. Small and medium-sized companies can also receive 10 percent more funding as part of the KfW “Renewable Energies - Premium” programme.

BAFA will accept applications for increased MAP funding from 1 April on. Further information is available at