transition: confidence and determination

Issue six of the German Energy Agency’s energy transition magazine is available now: Into the future with confidence and determination.

The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, a worldwide energy crisis, inflation and extreme weather events due to climate change – 2022 changed the entire world. A secure energy supply and international cooperation on energy issues are more important than ever before. Solutions that until now had been nothing more than ideas on paper are now being put into action.

Key factors for transformation

Technological innovations are a key factor for the energy transition. At the same time, more favourable financial conditions are needed for the Global South. These are but two of the many topics addressed in the in-depth double interview with Dr Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, and dena Chief Executive Andreas Kuhlmann featured in this issue of transition.

The energy crisis and climate change are having an impact on people from every sector of society. Every one of these different perspectives are needed in order to accomplish the centuries-long task of battling climate change. In this issue, a range of different people from society, business and politics provide their individual assessments.

Insights into the energy transition in practice

A glance at practical implementation provides a beacon of hope. Many solutions are already being implemented, and this issue of transition puts them in the spotlight: many companies are doing everything they can to save energy in the short term and replace fossil fuels in the long term. Hydrogen is a vital energy source for the near future – produced decentrally using electrolysers at the point of use or tested on a larger scale in living labs. In the building sector, heat pumps are proving to be a massive success and customised heat supply concepts are emerging thanks to integrated planning in municipalities.

A glance into the future

The courage shown by many Ukrainians in recent months is particularly impressive. In this issue, two of them are making the call to action to rebuild their country in a way that is sustainable.

Inspired by their efforts, dena is making promoting confidence and determination the focus of this sixth issue of its corporate magazine transition. transition is published once a year and available in print and online.

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