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German Energy Dialogue at EXPO in Astana: Germany and Kazakhstan exchange ideas and information on issues relating to the energy industry

dena supports development of a sustainable partnership between both countries

Around 200 delegates from industry and commerce, the energy industry, the building industry, plant construction, mobility and renewable energy attended the opening of the German Energy Dialogue at EXPO 2017 in Astana on 11 July. The two-day event provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and information on energy-related topics and the formation of new networks. The Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency – organises Germany’s main industry event under the umbrella of EXPO, with the support of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, and in cooperation with the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations and the Chambers of Commerce Abroad in Central Asia.

At the opening of the event, Uwe Beckmeyer, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, emphasised that ‘Germany and Kazakhstan know each other well; both sides know what they can bring to the table. This creates the best conditions in which to actively shape our future cooperation in the energy sector. As part of this, we want to boost our cooperation in those areas that are going to be right at the top of our energy policy agenda in the next few years and decades. Discussing these matters and developing ideas jointly is the main objective of the German Energy Dialogue.’

Andreas Kuhlmann, dena’s Chief Executive, commented, ‘Forums like the German Energy Dialogue are indispensable for exchanging ideas and information at an international level on key questions concerning the energy industry and energy efficiency. The event is an important step towards expanding and consolidating German-Kazakh cooperation in the energy sector in the long term. EXPO 2017 is a particularly attractive platform for this.’

Programme to include Federal President Steinmeier and around 80 speakers

Federal President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, is expected to speak on the second day of the event (12 July). The programme for the event includes twelve discussion platforms on topics such as energy efficiency in industry, modernisation of the grid infrastructure, and sustainable urban development. The total of around 80 speakers includes Uwe Beckmeyer, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy; Gunther Adler, State Secretary in the Federal Environment Ministry; Kanat Bozumbaev, Energy Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Alik Aidarba‎ev, Vice Minister for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakh-stan; and Dr. Albert Rau, Member of the Kazakh Parliament. As well as these, there are numerous speakers from German small and medium-sized enterprises, and Kazakh energy companies and industrial enterprises. They will have a chance to present their solutions, technologies and expertise, and explore options for cooperation.

Brochure and agreement on energy efficiency in industry

During the event, Andreas Kuhlmann gave Alik Aidarba‎ev a new brochure on the topic of ‘Energy-Efficient Cross-Sector Technologies in Industry and Commerce’. It has been published by dena in collaboration with the Institute for the Electrical Industry and Energy Saving in Kazakhstan, and is specifically targeted at Kazakh industrial com-panies. The publication has a print run of 5,000 copies and is available in Russian.

In addition to this, dena and the Ministry for Investment and Development of the Kazakh Republic, along with other companies, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This underlines the signatories’ common interest in establishing strategic, long-term cooperation in the planning of joint measures in the areas of energy efficiency and energy saving. The MoU provides for joint activities in areas such as Industry 4.0, digitalisation of the energy industry, smart systems, smart grids and decentralised energy supplies in the industrial and residential building sectors.

dena’s activities in Kazakhstan

dena is involved in a number of projects in Kazakhstan. The basis for cooperation is the great potential for energy saving in industry and for expanding the use of renewable energy. For example, in 2011 dena was commissioned by Kazakhstan’s Ministry for Industry and New Technologies to develop recommendations and strategies for carrying out energy audits in bigger companies. Other key features of dena’s commitment are further training and qualification programmes for staff in public administration.

The transcript of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s speech is expected to be available online from around 2 p.m. on 12 July:

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Press photos

Rolf Mafael, Andreas Kuhlmann, Alik Aidarba‎ev, Uwe Beckmeyer, Michael Harms. Source: dena/Amir Saparov

Andreas Kuhlmann. Source: dena/Amir Saparov

Alik Aidarba‎ev. Source: dena/Amir Saparov