dena’s English brochure provides information about energy efficiency in process heat and waste heat in industry

Suitable for businesses worldwide / With numerous practical examples from Germany

In an English-language brochure, dena shows how businesses can increase their energy efficiency by utilising waste heat, and by using renewable energy for process heat. Through energy-efficient technology, companies save on energy costs and increase their competitiveness. With many energy-efficiency measures, returns of over 30 per cent are possible. The brochure provides numerous practical examples of these from Germany.

Around the world, approximately two thirds of final energy consumption in industry goes into generating heat for production and processing. A large proportion of this is lost as unused waste heat.
The brochure, entitled ‘Process heat in industry and commerce. Technology solutions for waste heat utilization and renewable provision’, is aimed at industrial and commercial companies worldwide that would like to take advantage of experiences in Germany, and has been published as part of the energy export initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. You can download a free copy from the dena-Shop.

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Using waste heat: tried, tested and economical

Using waste heat: tried, tested and economical

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