Ukraine: dena nominates 20 projects for building refurbishment

More than 500 home owners took part in the selection process/ First step towards a national funding programme

The Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena), German Energy Agency, selected 20 finalists to take part in the pilot project ‘Extensive energy-efficient refurbishment of apartment buildings in the Ukraine’. Altogether, more than 500 home owners applied. dena is running the project jointly with the ‘Initiative Wohnungswirtschaft Osteuropa’ (IWO), the Eastern European Housing Industry Initiative, and the ‘Kompetenzzentrum Großsiedlungen’, the Centre of Expertise for Large Housing Estates. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is providing financial support.

The aim of the scheme is to establish cornerstones for a national funding programme for the energy-efficient refurbishment of apartment buildings, and also to develop a road map for its introduction. dena and its partners want to gain practical experience from the 20 selected pilot projects. An overview of the participating buildings, along with further information, is available in Russian and Ukrainian on the project website

Buildings in typical 1960s to 1980s building styles

The selected buildings are distributed across the whole of the Ukraine and mostly originate from the typical building styles of the 1960s to the 1980s. In making the selections, dena also considered the distribution across different climate zones, the ownership structure and the location (city or small town).

Among the finalists are:

  • A nine-storey residential building built in 1987 in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia. In the vicinity are another 30 tower blocks of this design with a total of 3,000 dwellings. The general design can frequently be seen in the Ukraine.
  • A five-storey apartment building from 1978 in Voznesensk, a small town in Southern Ukraine (Mykolaiv Oblast). In the region, there are 15 similar structures with a total of 1,500 dwellings. Constructed in the 1960s and 1970s, these buildings are typical for the era of Soviet architecture.
  • A three-storey art nouveau villa from 1907 in Lviv, (Ger: Lemberg, Lviv Oblast) a city with a population of 700,000. The architectural monument is located in a district with twelve similar buildings. Old buildings are more commonly found in the west of the country.

dena, along with other experts from Germany and the Ukraine, are supporting the participants technically and organisationally in planning and carrying out the refurbishment projects. The financing of the planning and building costs is being undertaken by the homeowners themselves.

dena projects for energy-efficient refurbishment

Since 2003, dena has been implementing pilot projects for nationwide trials of above-average energy-efficiency standards for buildings – for residential and non-residential buildings, both nationally and internationally.

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