dena prizewinner Lidl opts for electric mobility with Paderborn-based firm wallbe

Dena CEO Kuhlmann: ‘This sort of cooperation is vital for the energy transition. The dena Congress is the ideal forum for forging contacts and developing common solutions.’

Discount retailer Lidl's 'ECO2LOGISCH' climate protection concept – which won an award from the Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena), the German Energy Agency – is being extended from its retail outlets to logistics centres. In this initiative Lidl is cooperating with the electric mobility firm wallbe, based in Paderborn. The dena welcomes this step, and also regards it as another success for its networking efforts. Contact between Lidl and wallbe came about during the dena Congress in November 2015.

'Innovative collaborations like this are vital for the success of the energy transition. The dena Congress offers a perfect environment for companies from all industries to find partners for energy projects,' said Andreas Kuhlmann, dena's Chief Executive, during a visit to the Grossbeeren logistics centre south of Berlin, where the Lidl concept is being introduced. 'Using a systematic approach, Lidl has already been able to reduce energy consumption in over 200 branches by a total of 46 per cent annually. The concept, with its various technical solutions such as heat recovery and LED lighting, has an exemplary nature. That's why we presented Lidl with the 2015 Energy Efficiency Award. Now Lidl is also opting for electric mobility for customers and staff in branches and logistic centres. That’s equally forward-looking, and I hope that as many companies as possible will view it as an incentive for initiatives of their own. The dena Congress is an ideal forum for setting up initiatives and cooperations of this kind.'

The dena Congress in Berlin on 22 and 23 November 2016 will bring decision makers and experts from industry and politics together to discuss solutions for the future of the energy transition and forge new contacts. Learn more about the agenda and register at

At the dena Congress, the 2016 Energy Efficiency Award will be presented to companies who have implemented exemplary projects to increase energy efficiency. For further information, visit
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