dena helping to establish a European biogas register network

Along with eleven international partners, dena is establishing a European biogas register network. The aim is to create a standardised and recognised verification system for renewable gases, thereby expanding international trade.

The members of the European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) initiative, founded in October, will simplify comparison between national biogas registers. For this, a documentation system for the mass balancing of biomethane will be developed. As a result, trade in the European natural gas network will be simplified, while at the same time double marketing or double counting will be eliminated. dena joined the initiative on 5 December.

dena coordinating the biogas register for Germany

Since 2011 dena has been maintaining the biogas register for Germany. This includes documenting the origin of biomethane. Back in June 2016, dena signed a first transnational cooperative agreement with the coordinator of the Austrian biogas register, Gas Clearing & Settlement AG (AGCS). This cooperation also served as a model for the establishment of the European initiative.

Members of the ERGaR initiative include administrators of national biogas registers, national biogas associations, companies in the natural gas industry and representatives of other interests in the European biogas and biomethane industry.

The demand for biomethane has been increasing for years in Europe, since the renewable energy source is very versatile. It can be used as a biofuel for vehicles, or as a raw material for the manufacture of chemical products, as well as for generating renewable electricity and heat.

Further information is available at dena-Biogasregister.