dena tools

Tools for the applied energy transition

Many forces are shaping the energy transition — from energy experts to companies and consumers. dena provides stakeholders with numerous useful online tools.

Expert tool for financial viability

With this expert tool, energy consultants can perform calculations right in front of their clients' eyes and prove that performing energy-efficient refurbishment pays off even as an owner of a single-family dwelling, duplex, or small apartment building.

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Issuers of energy performance certificates

Do you require an energy performance certificate for your property? Via a postcode search, private clients and entrepreneurs can quickly find an issuer near their location. Around 5,000 engineers, architects, and tradespeople have already been entered into the database.

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Car selection helper

Which is the right car for me? This tool shows you if your desired car and usage habits are compatible. Select your desired car. The program will suggest comparable high-efficiency models.  

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Car ownership costs check

What ownership costs and CO2 emissions can I expect from my desired car? Compare your desired car to particularly efficient models.

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Car list

Manufacturers and dealers must display a list of all new car models being sold in their sales areas. The online tool will help generate this list.

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Create car ecolabel

This allows vehicle dealers to easily and quickly create car ecolabels themselves — either manually or automatically. The finished label with information on CO2 efficiency classes, vehicle taxes and fuel costs will be output as a printable PDF or JPG file.

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Find energy-efficient cars: Company cars

Do you require a new company car? This online tool identifies the most energy-efficient vehicle in your desired category.

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Find energy-efficient cars: New cars

Searching for a new car? This online tool will show you the way to the most energy-efficient vehicles in the corresponding segment — whether it is a mini, compact, mid-range vehicle, SUV, or van.

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Online Car Quartett game

Which vehicles are the most energy-efficient? The Car Quartett game allows you to play around with and compare vehicle specifications, such as CO2 emissions, consumption, and costs. Buyers who decide to go for energy efficiency not only win the game, but also help save the environment!

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