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Start-ups focus on World Energy Congress

#SET100 start-ups present business models in Abu Dhabi / Innovations for an integrated energy transition / Next round of the SET competition to kick-off in Stockholm on September 30th 2019

Global Alliance Powerfuels partners are advancing the market development of Powerfuels in German "Regulatory Sandboxes of Energiewende"

Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier recently announced the winners of the "Ideas competition for the Regulatory Sandboxes of Energiewende". In the 20 regulatory sandboxes throughout Germany, new hydrogen technologies will be researched on an industrial scale and in a real environment. Enertrag and Uniper, two members of the Global Alliance Powerfuels are involved in the implementation of the projects.

Press release, Berlin

dena study: Energy system would benefit from immediate introduction of blockchain technology

Improving the framework conditions for key energy transition technologies and increasing investor confidence


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Drawdown book: Global warming is reversible

Drawdown book: Global warming is reversible

Climate protection initiative gives a preview of the German edition of the Drawdown book with the 100 most effective climate protection measures and invites clever minds to participate

A New Horizon: The Role of Powerfuels in the Global Energy Transition

A New Horizon: The Role of Powerfuels in the Global Energy Transition

In September 2018, the German Energy Agency (dena) initiated the Global Alliance Powerfuels together with renowned corporate partners as founding members. Together with the international participants of the Berlin Energy Week, we will discuss the value of powerfuels in successfully implementing the energy transition around the world. Which new business opportunities will open up when renewable energy is traded globally?

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