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dena analysis: Testing and seizing artificial intelligence opportunities for the integrated energy transition

dena analysis evaluates nine areas of application for AI in the energy sector / Benefit and sustainability must determine the use of AI / AI simplifies access for active consumers

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New publication: Sustainable Electricity Sources

Position paper on the elaboration and implementation of sustainability criteria for power sources in powerfuels production as defined in the RED II

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China and the EU – new alliances for climate action?

2020 should have been the 'climate super year', but the COVID-19 virus has massively disrupted major economic areas. How can the EU and China forge new alliances for more climate action?

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dena Energiewende-Kongress 2020

The dena conference of energy revolution is the leading intersectoral event for the integrated energy transition. We will unite professionals of the energy system transformation from a wide range of sectors with the headline ”The Future is Now”. The dena congress aims to connect actors in politics, economics, science, research, multipliers and start-ups.

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Annual Conference - Financing Powerfuels Pathways

This year’s Powerfuels Conference will bring together professionals in finance, business practitioners, researchers and policy experts to discuss and define the next steps towards a meaningful market development.

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