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dena is assisting the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) in implementing the “Energy end-use efficiency and energy services” EU Directive (2006/32/EC) in Germany. Key aspects consist of the provision of information, services and measures relating to framework conditions as well as awards and specialist events dealing with energy services and energy efficiency measures. (in German)

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ESD Communications Platform.

Project closed

Central information and communications platform for the Energy Services Directive.

EU Directive 2006/32/EC relating to "energy end-use efficiency and energy services" (ESD Directive) sets an indicative energy saving target of in each case nine percent by 2016 for all EU Member States. In addition, the market for energy efficiency measures and energy services is intended to develop in Member States, which of course includes Germany. 

One of the instruments supporting these aims is the ESD Communications Platform that can be accessed, inter alia, on the Internet at The platform provides information relating to the ESD Directive, for example documents and details regarding the ESD Directive, the ESD Act and German energy efficiency standards, Germany’s national energy efficiency action plans as well as references to studies, projects, services, networks and events.

In addition, the ESD Communications Platform is all about energy efficiency products, services and projects. dena organises events, such as workshops and an online forum, to promote links between players. The “Good Practice in Energy Efficiency” Communications Service reviews model projects that make an outstanding contribution to raising energy efficiency and reducing final energy consumption, awards the “Good Practice in Energy Efficiency” label and publishes information on the projects.

The “Energy Efficiency in Public Institutions – Good Practice Examples” competition awards an annual prize to outstanding public projects that raise energy efficiency. The “Marktplatz Energieeffiziente Produkte“ (Energy Efficiency Product Marketplace) helps purchasing and procurement managers find and compare energy efficient products.

This Project is closed. The website is also no longer available.