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We want to make a contribution towards achieving the aims formulated by the Federal Government in its Energy Concept: the share of renewable energy should increase to 80 per cent of gross electricity consumption by 2050, its share of gross final energy consumption should amount to as much as 60 per cent.

Selected Projects

"renewables – Made in Germany" initiative.
dena has been preparing relevant market information fo more

Joint biogas feed-in. In a joint initiative, dena and more

dena Grid Study II.
dena Grid Study II provides a strategic plan for the f more


Supplier directory and flyer: renewables – Made in Germany.
Energy supply with “renewables – Made in Germany”: Revised new edition of the supplier directory and flyer for 2014/2015 read more

Image brochure “renewables – Made in Germany”.
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Renewable Energy

Germany is pinning its hopes on the sun, wind and water – and therefore on climate protection, security of supply and regional added value. The energy policy strategy of the Federal Government is focused, amongst other things, on the systematic expansion of renewable energies. Because renewable energies do not run out and will therefore play a leading role in the energy mix of the future.

There are already signs of growth: wind energy has increased strongly and in the future it will primarily focus on offshore expansion. The German solar industry is a global leader and the German biogas industry is a pioneer in the production and utilisation of biogas. The word is out on Germany’s know-how: in an international comparison “renewables – Made in Germany” is a world leader.

Solar house in Nicaragua
Biogas production
Biogas production
BikePort in Portugal - solar station for eBikes
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Renewables are getting involved in the energy mix

dena is standing up for all renewables: with the “Renewable Energies Export Initiative” it is helping German companies to enter interesting export markets. In its Solar Roofs Programme, it combines the installation of solar roof systems on representative facilities abroad with high publicity marketing, PR and training programmes. With its biogas register, dena supports trading in biomethane across Germany. And with its Grid Studies I and II, it demonstrates manageable ways to integrate renewables into German electricity supply.


23.03.2015  Exporting renewable energy sources abroad In conjunction with the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad in Belgium, France, Ireland and the Netherlands, dena is organising business trips for companies in the renewable energy sector to help them investigate possible economic cooperation abroad. read more

09.02.2015  Renewable energy sources: dena helps German companies enter overseas markets New round of applications for the dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme starts on 9 February 2015 read more