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We want to make a contribution to achieving the European targets: an EU directive calls on all EU Member States to reduce their final energy consumption by 20 per cent by 2020. This only works if we associate energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Selected Projects

dena Distribution Grid Study.
The dena Distribution Grid Study is a detailed examina more

Power to Gas Strategy Platform.
dena has been in charge of the Power to Gas Strategy P more


dena System Services Study 2030.
The study shows that renewable energy and new technologies, for instance large batteries, are both capable of and required to assume much greater responsibility for a secure power supply than they have done so far. read more

Efficient integration of renewable energy into future energy systems.
The trade brochure entitled “Efficient integration of renewable energy into future energy systems” is an English-language summary of the results of the SUSPLAN EU project (PLANning for SUStainability). read more

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Energy Systems

The challenges for energy supply in the future are clearly defined: security of supply, climate protection, economic viability and affordable energy costs. The key for a sustainable energy system are measures to increase energy efficiency in all areas: consumption, distribution, storage, transport and generation. A radical reorganisation process has been initiated in Germany through the target to expand power generation from (fluctuating) renewable energies, and the decision in summer 2011 to phase out the use of nuclear power by 2022.

What is needed is first and foremost a forward-looking optimisation strategy, which makes full use of the existing economically viable potential energy efficiencies on the demand side and steps up the pace of expansion of renewable energies. A strategy which exploits potential for increasing the flexibility of our energy supply by making efficient use of storage technologies and load management strategies, and at the same time efficiently links up both decentralised and centralised power generation technologies.

Power-heat couling
Pumped storage power plant
Offshore wind farm
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System optimisation begins on the demand side

dena is supporting the energy revolution in Germany with ideas, information and network processes. It is working jointly with partners from politics, public administration and business to develop solutions and strategies for intelligent energy systems that are fit for the future, which ensure a sustainable and reliable energy supply. This involves moderating multi-stakeholder processes, political and strategic consultancy, drawing up expert reports and studies on the energy sector, as well as implementing dialogue platforms and providing targeted information to stakeholders and the public in national campaigns. 



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