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We want to make a contribution towards industry and production, as well as public institutions and private households, achieving more in the future with less energy. For example through innovative energy services, which satisfy the market and prepare the way for intelligent energy systems.

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Energy Services

Innovative energy services, which meet the needs of energy consumers and promote the development of energy efficiency markets, can make a major contribution to achieving demand side energy efficiency targets.

Taking electricity use by way of example: the number and areas of use of electrically powered appliances and systems is growing in all consumption sectors. Electricity, a high quality product, is and remains the basis for ever more services, without which our everyday life is inconceivable.The central challenge is to meet electricity demand economically, reliably and with the least impact on climate.

Tracing thermal loss: Thermographic building analysis
Analysis and consulting service as a pre-condition for a cost-optimized energy management
Analysis and consulting service as a pre-condition for a cost-optimized energy management
“smart homes” – Nowadays intelligent buildings can be controlled via a single panel by a tablet pc or a smartphone.
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At the same time, statutory minimum energy efficiency standards and more market transparency in terms of energy usage in its many and varied applications create the essential foundations for making full use of the existing potential energy efficiencies on the demand side.

Intelligent energy systems require innovative energy services

dena is working with cooperation partners from politics, business, and associations on strategies and solutions for modern energy services, as well as innovative products for intelligent energy systems, in order to meet the challenges of a sustainable and reliable energy supply. For the growth market of private households, these are primarily standardised products which make it possible to become a Smart Home and therefore clear the way for the necessary conversion of the supply infrastructure into an intelligent grid, into a Smart Grid.


08.12.2014  dena presents policy paper for sustainable mobility in the EU The dena “Power to Gas” Strategy Platform and the “performing energy” Alliance for Wind Hydrogen presented a policy paper on the promotion of advanced biofuels at a European level on 4 December in Brussels. read more

03.09.2014  New LUX issue published: Energy turnaround in your home Reducing heating costs, raising your living comfort, increasing the value of your property – there are many good reasons for modernising your home according to energy-efficient standards. The new issue of the LUX energy magazine tells you all you need to know on this subject and explains what you can expect from energy consultants. read more

Energy Services