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We want to make a contribution towards achieving the aims formulated by the Federal Government in its Energy Concept. Electricity consumption should be reduced by 10 per cent by 2020, and by 25 per cent by 2050, compared with 2008.

Selected Projects

“Initiative EnergieEffizienz” (“Energy Efficiency Campaign”) – a Strong Alliance for Electrical Efficiency.
The Initiative EnergieEffizienz is a nationwide more

“Initiative EnergieEffizienz” (“Energy Efficiency Campaign”) – Private Households.
The national information and motivation campaign shows more


Datasheet series: Winners of the “Energy Efficiency Awards 2008–2014”.
“Energy Efficiency Award” model projects from the years 2008 to 2012. read more

Energy modernisation of industrial heating.
The brochure presents the main approaches to the energy-efficient optimisation of heating systems in trade and industry. read more

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Energy-Efficient Electricity

Using electricity efficiently, exploiting the potential to save power and avoiding unnecessary electricity consumption. This is the only way in which the world can successfully deal with electricity demand which has been growing steadily up to now, as well as rising energy prices.

Electricity affects our everyday life – not only in private households, but also in production, commerce, and in the service sector. So the aim must be to meet electricity demand as efficiently, economically, reliably and with the least impact on climate as possible. The optimisation of the existing system begins on the demand side – this requires forward-looking minimum energy efficiency standards and more market transparency on the energy consumption of the many applications. Through energy efficient technology and solutions, electricity consumption can be reduced economically and above all without any loss of quality.

Economical household appliances
Energy management in data center
Optimization of industrial processes and equipment
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System optimisation begins on the demand side

With its partners from business, science, the environment and politics, as well as professional and consumer groups, dena makes energy efficiency into an uncomplicated everyday matter, which pays off. 

Attractive information and offers tailored to market needs encourage private households, industry and production, as well as service companies and public organisations, to make intelligent purchasing and investment decisions, as well as to use electricity efficiently. Or also, in fact, to switch off: because electricity consumption only makes sense if the electricity will actually be used.


14.01.2016  "The energy transition needs a change in perspective" In an article in Handelsblatt, dena's Chief Executive Andreas Kuhlmann describes the second phase of the energy transition and the conditions necessary to make this phase a success. read more

12.12.2013  Over half of the German population is saving energy Survey confirms strong support for the energy turnaround and significant energy efficiency awareness read more