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We want to make a contribution towards achieving the aims formulated by the Federal Government in its Energy Concept: the heat demand of buildings should be reduced by 20 per cent by 2020 and primary energy demand by 80 per cent by 2050. At the same time the refurbishment rate should be doubled.

Selected Projects

dena Efficient House Quality Mark.
dena Efficient House Quality Mark is awarded to newly more

Centre of Expertise for Contracting for Buildings.
Energy contracting is an effective instrument for rais more

"zukunft haus" ("future house").
Under the future house umbrella, dena is carrying out more


dena-Factsheet: “zukunft haus” (“future house”).
dena initiates and manages projects to capture the energy efficiency potential offered by the building sector under its “zukunft haus” (“future house”) umbrella. read more

Brochure Energy Efficiency Meets Architecture.
Case studies from dena´s model project for the energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings. read more

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Energy-Efficient Buildings

The largest potential for saving energy in Germany is in the housing stock. Here about three times as much energy is required for heating as in new buildings. In private households about 85 per cent of total energy demand is in any case used for heating rooms and for hot water.

Through professional modernisation and the use of modern building techniques, energy demand can be reduced by up to 20 per cent. However, the fact is that: with refurbishment, on average only about a third of energy saving potential is utilised. But all participants benefit from energy-efficient building and modernisation: tenants and landlords, the skilled trades, the environment and the economy. 

Convincing market instruments for favourable market conditions

In close cooperation with politicians, scientific institutions, associations, industry, public authorities and market protagonists, dena is developing convincing market instruments such as national motivation campaigns, which focus specifically on creating favourable market conditions and the quicker introduction of more energy-efficient services and technologies. Here, the focus is on developing projects for local and public authorities to unlock the enormous potential to save energy there.

Architecture of the future
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In addition, dena is carrying out pilot projects which prove the practicability of energy efficiency measures, and which influence the investment decisions of private and public builders. There is a further focus on comprehensive offers of information, targeted at specific groups, on the possibilities and potential for savings which come from modernising energy use in buildings.


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