dena & The energy turnaround.

The German energy system in 2050: climate-friendly, secure and efficient. dena outlines the way.

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dena works in all areas of energy supply – from generation and conversion through storage and transport, to distribution and consumption. There is always a particular focus on energy efficiency: energy which is not needed does not have to be produced, does not involve any costs and also makes a direct contribution to achieving climate protection targets.


  Energy-Efficient Buildings (abgeschlossenexpired) About 85 percent of the total energy demand of private households is required for heating and hot water. The biggest potential for saving energy is in existing buildings: they require about three times as much energy for heating as new buildings. read more


  Energy-Efficient Electricity (abgeschlossenexpired) In the future, electricity demand must be met as efficiently, economically, reliably and with the least impact on climate as possible. In this way electricity consumption can be reduced cost-effectively, and above all without any loss of quality. read more


  Energy-Efficient Mobility (abgeschlossenexpired) Mobility is an essential requirement for economic development and personal fulfilment – and is therefore of fundamental importance in our society. Also in relation to energy consumption: in Germany alone, about a fifth of CO2 emissions are generated by transport. read more


  Renewable Energy (abgeschlossenexpired) The energy policy strategy of the Federal Government includes pursuing a systematic expansion in renewable energy. Because the sun, wind and water do not run out, and because these imply climate protection, security of supply and adding regional value. read more


  Energy Services (abgeschlossenexpired) Efficiency measures are the key for the energy supply of the future. Innovative energy services which meet the needs of energy consumers and promote the development of energy efficiency markets can make a major contribution to achieving energy efficiency targets. read more


  Energy Systems (abgeschlossenexpired) For a reliable electricity supply, the available electricity must be equal to electricity demand at all times and in all locations, including grid losses, electricity imports and exports. This requires an intelligent optimisation strategy, which considers the system in its entirety. read more