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September 2011

The Role of Natural Gas and Biomethane in the Fuel Mix of the Future.


In a short study dena investigates how natural gas and biomethane can play a greater role in the fuel mix of the future. These two energy sources have hitherto fell well behind their potential in Germany, although they have proven themselves and cause far lower levels of CO2 emissions and pollutants than petrol or diesel. 

dena has come out in favour of a new strategy with which the establishment of natural gas and biomethane should be accelerated in the fuel mix. By means of an approach coordinated among all players, the share of fuel consumption should be increased from 0.3 percent at present to at least 4 percent in 2020. Accordingly, the number of natural gas vehicles would have to increase from 85,000 to around 1.4 million vehicles. 

Format: A4, 38 pages, Languages: German, English (summary of the core content)

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