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ID cards for houses.

Energy Performance Certificate provides tenants and buyers with important information on properties’ operating costs.

In Germany, the law provides for a general identification obligation that applies not only to citizens but also to buildings. Houses that are sold or rented to new tenants are required to have an Energy Performance Certificate. The Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) – the German Energy Agency – advises prospective buyers and tenants to take a good look at this certificate. It shows the degree of energy-efficiency and provides an overview of any refurbishment measures that may become necessary in the future. The certificate facilitates comparison between different flats and houses and helps estimate future hot water and heating costs.

How much energy does a house consume?

Most drivers know exactly how much fuel their cars need, and all new electronic devices are labelled according to energy efficiency classes. However, few people know the energy consumption of their house or flat. With the energetic condition of buildings determining monthly heating costs, energy efficiency in buildings is becoming increasingly important. This is where the Energy Performance Certificate comes in. On a colour scale ranging from green to red, the property’s annual energy requirement is marked in kilowatt hours per square metre. The further in the green, the lower the hot water and heating costs. Property buyers can rest assured that the building’s good condition translates into low energy costs. Refurbishment measures, such as insulation or a new heating system, are not imminent.

Requirement certificate gives refurbishment advice.

There are two types of Energy Performance Certificate: the consumption and the requirement certificate. The consumption certificate is merely based on the consumption of the last few years which depends to a large degree on the consumption behaviour of the occupants. dena recommends the requirement certificate. Based on technical analysis of the building’s data, energy consultants calculate the energy requirement – independent of the occupants’ consumption behaviour. This allows for a significantly more precise description of a building’s energy efficiency as well as any refurbishment measures that may improve the property’s condition and raise its value.

‘Dear old darlings’ require on-site consulting.

For many a buyer, it is a case of love on first sight – irrespective of the building’s energetic condition. Having bought the old darling, buyers will benefit from energy consulting by a qualified expert. After putting the house under the microscope, the expert will prepare a report recommending expedient refurbishment measures. A suitable expert can be found in the database at

Note for editorial teams: A printable info diagram on the Energy Performance Certificate (in German) is available for download at (reprint free of charge, source: dena).

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