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dena survey: Car Labelling scheme is picking up speed.

Online tool helps car buyers choose energy-efficient models.

A year after the introduction of the Car Labelling scheme, 31 percent of car buyers are familiar with the labelling system for energy-efficient models. Just under two-thirds of those who know the label consider it to be an important factor in their buying decision. This is the result of a representative survey carried out by the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) – the German Energy Agency*. Buyers seeking information on the energy efficiency level of their dream car can use dena’s new online tool at

“It will take a bit of time until Car Labelling has been fully adopted as a selling tool,” comments dena’s Managing Director, Andreas Jung. “We recommend that car buyers ask dealers directly about the Car Labelling scheme and compare the respective consumption indicators”.

61 percent of buyers of new cars who are familiar with the Car Labelling scheme have a positive association with it. Just under two-thirds (63 percent) consider the label to be an important to very important factor in their buying decision. However, only every second respondent correctly associated the letter “G” with less efficient vehicles.

dena’s internet services provide answers to central questions regarding the energy efficiency label. They include an online tool that helps buyers identify the most efficient models in the respective car segment (small cars, medium-sized cars, etc.). Aside from CO2 efficiency classes, buyers can search for parameters such as fuel type or brand.

Based on a colour and letter scale, Car Labelling has served as an indicator of vehicles’ energy efficiency level since December 2011. The colour scale is supplemented by information on fuel costs and the level of the CO2-based vehicle tax. Car dealers and leasing companies are obliged to affix the label on new cars or in their immediate vicinity.

The information platform is an initiative set up by dena with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

* In October 2012, the market research company TNS Emnid conducted telephone interviews on Car Labelling among over 1,600 potential new car buyers. Further background information on the survey is available at

  • Representative survey of new car buyers and dealers. (in German)

    Car Energy Consumption Labelling: “One Year of Car Labelling”.

     (621 K, PDF)