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dena awards prizes to German biomethane pioneers.

Awards were presented for innovative projects and services promoting biogas in the natural gas network.

On 28 November, the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) – the German Energy Agency – awarded prizes to three pioneers in the field of biogas in the natural gas network. The Biogaspartnerschaft des Jahres 2012 (Biogas Partnership of the Year 2012) award was presented to the operators of the Osterby biomethane plant in Schleswig-Holstein for their outstanding partnership concept. The biogas system operator Bioerdgas Hallertau won the Innovationspreis 2012 (2012 Innovation Award) for the world’s first use of hop residue for biomethane production. The third award was presented to the system manufacturer EnviTec Biogas for its integrated Vom Halm bis zum Heizkörper (From stalk to radiator) distribution concept. The awards, now in their fifth year, were presented by dena within the framework of its annual Biogas Partnership conference.

“The winners are living proof of the innovative strength of the biomethane industry,” said Stephan Kohler, dena’s Chief Executive. “At the same time, they demonstrate that biomethane is ready for the energy turnaround. This is a source of energy that must be expanded further, allowing it to fully develop its system-stabilising function in our energy system.”

Biomethan Osterby GmbH & Co. KG consists of five local agriculturists who joined forces in order to merge two small existing biogas systems and convert them for biogas feed-in. As a result, added value remains in the region and efficient, optimised use of existing capacities is guaranteed. For its valuable work, the enterprise has received the Biogas Partnership of the Year 2012 award.

The company Bioerdgas Hallertau GmbH has installed an innovative biomethane plant in the world’s largest hop producing region around Wolnzach in Bavaria. The plant processes an annual 72,000 tons of hop residue, a by-product of the brewing industry that has so far largely been ignored. The Wolnzach company has thus developed a new biomass type for energetic use, a development for which it received the 2012 Innovation Award.

The system manufacturer EnviTec Biogas AG impressed the judging panel with its integrated ‘From stalk to radiator’ distribution concept. This direct marketing concept sets the course for increased use of biomethane in combined heat and power generating plants operating on a demand-oriented basis. Given the rising share of other renewable, fluctuating energy sources, demand-driven use of biomethane is playing an increasing role in the energy mix.

dena has set up the biogaspartner platform to promote the feed-in of biogas into the natural gas network. It brings together close to 70 players along the entire biomethane value-added chain and supports them in their efforts to shape the biogas market. Further information on the subject of biomethane and on dena’s Biogas Partnership is available at